The Surveyors Are Coming

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No matter how well run an ICF/IID is, there can be and usually is a great amount of anxiety surrounding an impending survey. It is just human nature to be nervous in a situation where something or someone is being reviewed or evaluated. This is particularly the case of a survey of an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) when that judgment is linked to finances/funding.

This toolkit is a guide to the ICF/IID survey process. It covers the who, what, where, why, and how of the survey. This guide gives practical information that will assist an agency/facility understand what is needed to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations governing the Medicaid ICF/IID program. The guide can not guarantee that a facility/agency will “pass” every survey. However, it should help the staff of the ICF/MR be more knowledgeable about the survey process and prepared to welcome surveyors in a more positive manner and with less anxiety.

The toolkit should be used in conjunction with a full set of the ICF/IID regulations and survey guidelines. (A self review – annotatable checklist of the 388 regulations is available from H&W Independent Solutions at The toolkit can also be used as a complement to the publication Positive Outcomes: A Providers Guide to Active Treatment (ANCOR 2005), to assist an agency to educate the staff to not only prepare for survey but to understand the intent of the regulations. The goal should always be to not only “do well” on surveys, but to fully understand the requirements of the regulations and to strive to provide quality supports and services daily for the individuals served.

This toolkit addreses issues such as:
What happens during a survey
What do I do when the surveyors arrive?
Guidelines for helping staff interact with surveyors
Critical times during the survey
Survey and citations trends

Some of the tools and checklists included are:
Preparation for Survey Questions – Staff Assessment Tool
Observation and Interview Forms
Individual Record Audit Tool
Posted Materials Checklist
And more…

Originally developed in partnership with ANCOR, this toolbox is now available for download on-line.