ICF/IID Assessments: From Admission to Discharge

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When an individual first moves into an ICF/IID home, it is vital to the success of the individual’s participation that the provider gets to know the individual and designs a series of supports and services to meet his/her needs as quickly as possible. This should include visit or visits before the actual move, assessments, and discussions with the individual, family or others close to the individual.
This new Toolkit is a guide to the ICF/IID assessment process. It covers the what, when, why, and how of the many required ICF/IID assessments. This guide gives practical information that will assist an agency/facility understand what is needed to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations governing the Medicaid ICF/IID program. The guide cannot guarantee that a facility/agency will meet all the regulations; however, it should help the staff of the ICF/IID be more knowledgeable about the required assessments.
The toolkit should be used in conjunction with a full set of the ICF/IID regulations and survey guidelines. (A self review – annotatable checklist regulations is available from H&W Independent Solutions at www.hwisolutions.com). The toolkit can also be used as a companion document for the publication Positive Outcomes: A Providers Guide to Active Treatment (ANCOR 2005), to assist an agency in educating the staff and preparing for survey and most importantly, in understanding the intent of the regulations.