H&W 2015 ICF/IID IG Change Summary

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The 2015 IG Change Matrix was developed by H&W Independent Solutions as a detailed analysis of the changes made to the Interpretive Guidelines (IG) for Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IIDs). This guidance is contained in Appendix J to the State Operations Manual (SOM), published April 27, 2015.

This change is the first update to the IG in several years. It is very comprehensive in that the guidance for almost all regulations has been modified to some extent, through either modification of the language, removal of language or addition of new language. Significantly, all the Compliance Principles, Probes and Facility Practice statements have been removed from Appendix J and a new Exhibit 355 attached to the SOM has been created.

It is important to note language that remains the same and has not changed, is not provided in this tool. This includes language that was in the previous SOM in the IGs and remained the same but was moved to the Exhibit.

Therefore, this document is not intended to be a substitution for Appendix J or the SOM. H&W advises the ICF/IID provider to obtain a copy of the new SOM and Exhibit from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) website or other authorized source. Copies can be obtained through a link at the www.hwisolutions.com website.

This tool specifically provides a guide to identify:

1.   Language which was removed from the interpretive guidance;

2.   Language which was added to the interpretive guidance; and

3.   Language which has been modified in the interpretive guidance.

Disclaimer: This document and the analysis herein is NOT associated with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in any way. The opinions and advice offered are based on the experience and knowledge of the H&W staff. The content is based on the Appendix J and Exhibit 355 to the State Operations Manual (SOM), published April 27, 2015. You may want to seek additional guidance from your state survey agency or regional CMS office.