Abuse and Neglect Prevention Systems

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H&W Independent Solutions presents a series of seven modules adapted for ease of use by agencies and other interested parties from The Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention training curriculum for surveyors. The Seven Key Components were created in 2001 and are listed as Attachment C of the CMS Appendix Q Guidelines for Determining Immediate Jeopardy, Overview – Recommended Key Components of Systemic Approach to Prevent Abuse and Neglect, applicable to all certified facilities receiving Medicaid and Medicare funding (excluding CLIA). Although not regulation, they are cross referenced to nursing home and ICF/MR regulations.


Catherine Hayes, president of H&W Independent Solutions, has adapted the original CMS materials and created seven modules. There is one Module for each of the Seven Key Components. The content is a blend of the original CMS materials and information added from other resources and Ms. Hayes’ professional experience. Checklists and tables are added to encourage use in self assessing and strengthening an agency’s abuse and neglect prevention system. The issue of detection and prevention of abuse and neglect has drawn much attention. Regulations now exist at federal, state, and local levels. In addition to regulatory enforcement, law enforcement at every level has assumed a role in the detection and prevention of abuse and neglect. These Seven Key Components comprise an integrated approach for the detection and prevention of abuse and neglect. The objective of this approach is to address abuse and neglect at critical points in program planning, policy development, and operations and to form a “Problem-Solving Cycle”. The Module for each Component will provide easy to understand descriptions of that Component’s goals and includes practical guides, methods and checklists for implementing a program and process that supports the Component. Each can be used independently or combined with other Modules for a more comprehensive review and approach to abuse prevention.