CMS Webinar on W249 – Active Treatment Implementation

W249 CMS Surveyor Training Webinar Available for Viewing: Please click on the link below to access the webinar presented by Melissa Rice of CMS Baltimore office and David Piotrowski, Federal Contract Surveyor of ICFs/IID. The topic of the webinar is W249 – Active Treatment is implemented once the IPP is developed. The webinar was developed as a result of a Quality Assurance project conducted by CMS in which they reviewed select survey reports from various regions and reviewed the data on how often this regulation is cited. The goal of the webinar is to increase consistency across the country among survey agencies. The training provides an overview of W249, presents various scenarios for possible citation and covers the principles of documentation that should be followed when surveyors write up a finding. Run time is 99 minutes. This link will take you to the site and open up the presentation through Adobe Presenter. You may be asked to download or update your Adobe program.