Abuse & Neglect Systems Supports

H&W has a significant background in Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention issues and Risk Management. Catherine Hayes, H&W principal, organized the CMS Abuse and Neglect Prevention Forum, which resulted in numerous changes to regulations, policies and procedures. She oversaw the development of the "Abuse and Neglect - Seven Key Components to Prevention" training, used to train federal and state surveyors. In addition, she served as an advisor to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Inspector General as they researched and wrote Reporting Abuses of Persons with Disabilities and Safeguarding DC Residents who have MR/DD: Responding to Allegations of Abuse and Neglect. H&W makes available to all customers our Abuse and Neglect Prevention Systems: Evaluation and Implementation Guide. This document is a practical guide for evaluating compliance with industry guidelines for a high quality Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention System, incorporating the 7 Key Components as developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid for use across all support settings. [Click on the "Seven Key Components" link on the upper left of this page to get more information]

Risk Management and Incident Management are closely integrated functions and an important part of Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention. Thorough investigations that quickly and accurately determine the sources and causes of incidents and then lead to effective corrective actions are a necessity for any agency supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Agency Policies and Procedures serve as the underpinnings for any system and must be clear, concise and unambiguous in their intent. Lastly, the timely collection, presentation and analysis of risk data is crucial to anticipating and preventing further incidents, abuse, neglect and exploitation of the individuals your agency supports.

H&W provides well proven, cost effective approaches to establishing, implementing and maintaining effective systems. We provide training and consultation targeting the full array of requirements for Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention and related risk and incident management systems.

H&W’s focus is to prepare providers to:

1) Identify the various forms of abuse and neglect;

2) Recognize possible indicators of abuse and neglect;

3) Understand the universal principles and practices of an integrated approach to detecting and preventing abuse and neglect;

4) Utilize the Seven Key Components to identify and assess the agency's approach to detecting, responding to, and preventing abuse and neglect; and

5) Determine if the provider has an integrated approach to program planning, monitoring, and assessment to detect and prevent abuse and neglect.